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  • Fellowship Training Program in Prosthetic Urology

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  • The SMSNA Foundation is committed to developing future leadership in prosthetic urology and has established and SMSNA Fellowship Training Program in Prosthetic Urology. This program will provide institutional funding for training of post-graduate MDs seeking to develop expertise in the evaluation and surgical management of erectile dysfunction and male stress urinary incontinence.

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    Fellow Member of the SMSNA
    Attended SMSNA Scientific Meeting (If yes, enter most recent year attended below)
    Member of the American Urological Association(AUA)
    Member of the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM)
    75% or more of clinical activity is dedicated to sexual medicine
  • Estimate #
    Penile implants
    Artificial sphincters
    Peyronies Disease interventions
    Diagnostic ED testing
    Male sub-urethral slings
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    Fellowship will take place within three years of general urological residency
    SMSNA member or membership application submitted
    Has participated in surgical cadaver lab (preferred)*
    Has presented abstract at SMSNA Meeting (preferred)*
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  • Curriculum

    Formal: didactic outlines based on AUA core curriculum

    Equivalent: participation in urology grand rounds, journal clubs or tutorials addressing: a) risk factors, epidemiology, anatomy and physiology, b) diagnostic techniques, c) medical approaches to management and d) surgical approaches

  • Formal Equivalent
    Focus on male dysfunction
    Focus on incontinence
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    In Clinic
    In Operating Room
    Doing Research
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