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Essay Prizes

SMSNA is pleased to announce that the 6th annual Essay Prize competition for trainees.

Clinical trainees in medicine, surgery and psychology (residents, fellows, medical students, graduate students, nursing students and PA students) are eligible to submit their original research papers, scientific reports, or case reports in sexual medicine for three prizes of $1,500 for the best manuscript in one of the following categories:

  • Male Sexual Health (clinical, surgical, imaging, research)
  • Female Sexual Health (clinical, surgical, imaging, research)
  • Case Report in Sexual Health

Manuscripts should also be submitted as abstracts for presentation to poster to the 20th SMSNA Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in Nashville, TN. Abstract submission is not required for the Case Report in Sexual Health. Abstract Submission Information.

Manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously and therefore must NOT contain any author(s) or submitting institutions contact information. Any manuscript containing identifying information will not be considered for this prize. Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Essay Prize Review Committee. Winners will be announced at the 20th SMSNA Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in Nashville, TN.

Submission Instructions:

Send an email to with the following information no later than midnight, September 1, 2019:

In the body of the email:

  1. Category (Male Sexual Health, Female Sexual Health, or Case Report in Sexual Health)
  2. Manuscript Title
  3. Author(s)
  4. Contact Information


  1. Manuscript (with no identifying information) including abstract, tables and figures, and references.

Manuscript Rules of Publication:

Original Research
Original research papers are scientific reports of original clinical or basic research in the field of sexual medicine. As a general guideline, manuscripts should be 3000 words in length; more extensive manuscripts will be considered and judged on merit; however, authors are urged to be as concise as possible. All manuscripts must include an abstract, a maximum of 7 tables and figures (total), and up to 50 references. More may be accepted if justified.

Case Report
Reports are concise reports of cases, clinical experience, clinical studies, drug trails, adverse effects, or devices related to sexual medicine. Maximum length is 1750 words; no more than 10 references, and 1 figure/table.

Other Information:

Trainees are encouraged to submit their manuscript to the Journal of Sexual Medicine; Sexual Medicine Open Access; Sexual Medicine Reviews.

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