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Greetings for the New Year!

First, on behalf of the society's leadership and staff, I wish to extend my very best wishes to you and your family for a happy and prosperous year 2014. The past year has been an unforgettable year for the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, and we all have been kept quite active in meeting the needs and objectives of members of our society and preparing for a variety of challenges to come. As we approach yet another year's end, I wish to take a moment to convey some highlights and important developments.

State of the Society
The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) stands as strong as ever as the premier society in North America committed to promoting the sexual health of men and women. We are delighted to continue our strong relationship with our international affiliate, the International Society for Sexual Medicine, as we acknowledge our collaborative mission to serve our patients worldwide with clinical and research excellence in sexual medicine.

Society Meetings
We successfully held our 19th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana just a few weeks ago, giving tremendous thanks to many colleagues who sponsored, organized, and conducted this meeting. For those who attended, I am sure you will agree that we displayed an incredible scientific and social program that will be hard to beat for future fall meetings! The attendance at the meeting was also phenomenal, with more than 570 attendees. Thank you for your attendance and support of this meeting. We now look forward to holding an exciting scientific meeting in partnership with the Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons this spring preceding the annual American Urological Association meeting in Orlando, Florida. We hope that you will attend. Right around the corner will be our 20th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in Miami Beach, Florida. So plan ahead to be there too!

The publication of our best scientific work and other academic communications is now achieved by the availability of a family of three official journals of the International Society for Sexual Medicine. These are the Sexual Medicine Reviews edited by Culley Carson, the online only Sexual Medicine edited by Alan Shindel, and our flagship The Journal of Sexual Medicine, which has just completed its 10th year of existence under the editorship of Irwin Goldstein. The latter journal is undergoing a transition as Irwin Goldstein prepares to step down and transfer stewardship to John Mulhall. A supreme level of gratitude goes out to Irwin and his editorial team for outstanding service brought to our societies in this capacity. We can certainly anticipate that journalistic prowess will continue with the energy and commitment of the new editors.

The Year Ahead
In the coming year, the SMSNA will build on its strengths and continue to advance our field with further educational, scientific and health policy initiatives. A top priority is to elevate our trainee fellowship program with scholarships and research awards in support of the best and the brightest young minds wishing to join and contribute to sexual medicine. We welcome all to renew your memberships, welcome new members, and invigorate us all with your ongoing ideas, input and involvement.

Arthur L. Burnett II, MD
SMSNA President


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