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27th Annual Scientific Program (AUA 2020)

 May 15, 2020
 Washington, DC

Welcome Message

The 27th Annual Scientific Program of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) will take place on Friday, May 15, 2020, at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Leading experts in the field bring delegates the latest in Sexual Medicine for the benefit of patients suffering from sexual dysfunction.

The program begins with a session on Medical and Hormonal Therapy moderated by Drs. Carlo Bettocchi and Mohit Khera, SMSNA Secretary. Dr. Faysal Yafi delivers a lecture on the “Assessment of the Hypogonadal Man.” Followed by Dr. Nelson Bennett, SMSNA Treasurer, speaking about the “Treatment of Hypogonadism in Young Men.” Dr. Abraham Morgentaler addresses the Evaluation of Men Suffering from Decreased Libido.

Drs. Rafael Carrion and Lawrence Hakim, SMSNA Foundation President and SMSNA past president, moderate the next session on Surgical Therapies, planned by SMSNA’s Surgical Committee. Drs. Brian Christine and Melissa Kaufman present their approaches to Artificial Sphincter Revision. Drs. Paul Perito, MD and Landon Trost discusses their respective management of SST/Floppy Glans in Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. Then, Dr. Gerald Brock provides a preview of “What Would a Single Payer System in the United States Mean for Prosthetic Urology.”

The State-of-the-Art lectures is moderated by Drs. Nelson Bennett and Luiz Otavio Torres, ISSM president, starting with a talk by Dr. Mohit Khera on “Optimizing Testosterone Therapy Outcomes.” Next Dr. Arthur Burnett, SMSNA past president and ISSM Treasurer, presents a talk: “Recurrent Priapism: Optimal Management and Prevention”. Dr. Trinity Bivalacqua, 2019 Gold Cystoscope awardee, delivers a talk on “Penile Transplantation: 5 Years Later”. Finally, Dr. Gregory Broderick, SMSNA past president, closes with the talk “Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics - From Historic Benchmarks to Contemporary Standards”.

Dr. Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, SMSNA president delivers the Annual Ira Sharlip Lecture moderated by Dr. Serge Carrier, SMSNA President-Elect, and Dr. Ira Sharlip, SMSNA past president: “Telemedicine and Us: Challenges and Opportunities.”

The Annual Ira Sharlip lecture is followed by a session on Female Sexual Dysfunction moderated by Dr. Annamaria Giraldi, ISSM President-Elect and Sue Goldstein. Dr. Lawrence Hakim delivers a talk on current management strategies for the urologist for FSD. Dr. Rachel Rubin closes this session talking about “Diet and Female Sexual Health.”

These lectures are followed by a session on Disease Modification moderated by Drs. Wayne Hellstrom and Ronald Lewis, both SMSNA past presidents. Dr. Mark Hirsch presents on ‘Advances in Disease Modification for ED’. Followed by the Ronald W. Lewis Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony.

Dr. Run Wang, SMSNA Immediate Past President, moderates the next session while Dr. Harris Nagler presents an AUA update on the Urology Care Foundation.

The last session of the morning, moderated by Drs. Lawrence Jenkins and Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, is on Social Media in Sexual Medicine. Dr. Stacy Loeb delivers a talk on “How to Use Social Media in Sexual Medicine.”

The first session of the afternoon, moderated by Drs. Gregory Broderick and Fernando Facio, addresses Male Sexual Dysfunction. Dr. Landon Trost presents “Sexual Complaints in Young Men and How to Differentiate Psychological Causes from the Rest.” Dr. Andrew McCullough talks on: “’Congenital ED.’ The Young Man Who Has Never Functioned Well.” Dr. Jay Lee speaks on “ED Considerations in the Gay Population.” Dr. Daniela Wittmann addresses “ED in Patients with Mental Health Disorders.” Finally, Dr. Run Wang gives an update on Sexual Function Preservation Strategies for BPH.

The basic science segment is moderated by Drs. Carol Podlasek and Johanna Hannan and includes Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy’s talk on which modality is the best between Electromagnetic and Electrohydraulic for Low Intensity Shock Waves Treatment. Dr. Tobias Köhler presents a review of the current knowledge and clinical applications of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. The final talk is on the Effect of Exercise and Diet on Erectile Function, presented by Dr. Omer Raheem.

The Sexual Dysfunctions after Treatment of Prostate Cancer session, moderated by Drs. Jonathan Clavell, and John P. Mulhall, features talks on “Libido and Orgasmic Issues After Prostate Cancer Treatment” by Dr. Laurence Levine and “Penile Changes After Prostate Cancer Treatment” by Dr. Serge Carrier.

These lectures are followed by a session on Ejaculatory & Pelvic Dysfunction moderated by Drs. Jason Kovac, Adrián Momesso and Alan Shindel. Dr. Wayne Hellstrom presents on “Diagnosing and Treating Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome.” Dr. Daniel Williams IV speaks on the “Management of Chronic Scrotal Pain.” Dr. John Mulhall addresses the complaint of “Sexual Headache.” Dr. Irwin Goldstein, SMSNA past president, closes this session with “Diagnosing and Treating Male Neurogenic Sexual Dysfunction: From Genital Numbness to Muted Pleasure/Orgasm”.

Finally, the day is highlighted by the final session on Surgical Therapies. This second surgical session is moderated by Drs. Amy Guise and LeRoy Jones. It features presentations by Dr. Gerard Henry on “Infection Prevention Strategies in Prosthetic Urology: Where Are We Now, and What's Coming?”, Dr. Mohit Khera, “When an Inflatable Device is NOT the Right Choice for the Patient”, Dr. Mang Chen, “Erectile Restoration in a Neophallus, Advantages/Disadvantages of Available Devices”, and Dr. John Mulcahy, SMSNA past president and a legend in the field on “Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier: Lessons Learned Over the Last 40 Years in Prosthetics”.  

The SMSNA provides a forum for the free exchange and discussion of new ideas, thoughts and concepts and strives to promote the highest standards of practice, research, education, and ethics in the study of all aspects of human sexual function and dysfunction. Please join us for this exciting scientific program. 

Serge Carrier

Serge Carrier, MD
SMSNA President-Elect

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