Abstract Review

The SMSNA Abstract Review Committee is responsible for reviewing abstract submissions to be presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting.


Johanna Hannan

Johanna L. Hannan, PhD
Greenville, NC, USA

Nelson E. Bennett, MD, FACS: Chicago, IL, USA
Helen L. Bernie, DO, MPH; Indianapolis, IN, USA
Gregory A. Broderick, MD; Jacksonville, FL, USA
Jeffrey Campbell, MD; London, ON, Canada
Barbara Chubak, MD; New York, NY, USA
Maurice M. Garcia, MD, MAS; Los Angeles, CA, USA
Amy I. Guise, MD; Milwaukee, WI, USA
James M. Hotaling, MD; Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Lawrence C. Jenkins, MD, MBA; Rapid City, SD, USA
Mohit Khera, MD, MBA, MPH; Houston, TX, USA
Bridget Koontz, MD; Durham, NC, USA
Andrew G. Matthew, PhD; Toronto, ON, Canada
Tami S. Rowen, MD, MS, FACOG, IF; San Francisco, CA USA
Rachel S. Rubin, MD, IF; Washington, DC, USA
Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD, FACS; Hackensack, NJ, USA
Carolyn A. Salter, MD; Tacoma, WA, USA
Alan W. Shindel, MD; San Francisco, CA, USA
Sylvia Suadicani, PhD; Bronx, NY, USA
Ashley H. Tapscott, DO; Huntersville, NC, USA
Ryan Terlecki, MD; Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Landon Trost, MD; Orem, UT, USA
O. Lenaine Westney, MD; Houston, TX, USA
Ashley Winter, MD; Portland, OR, USA
Daniela Wittmann, PhD, MSW; Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Faysal Yafi, MD, FRCSC; Newport Beach, CA, USA