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Surgical Video Session: Penile Surgery Innovations & Novel Techniques
May 24, 2022

This webinar will feature surgical video abstracts on penile surgery innovations and novel techniques presented at the 22nd Annual Fall Scientific Meeting in October 2021. Registration for this webinar is free!



Rafael Carrion, MD

  03 tobias kohler round

Tobias Kohler, MD, MPH 


SST and The Frozen Pump
Engy Habashy, MD

IPP Cylinder Extrusion. Our Experience and Approach
Engy Habashy, MD

Extra-tunical Grafting and Penile Plication for Peyronie's Disease
Kathryn Sawyer

Placement of ProACT Device in a Man with Persistent Leakage with AUS
Ash Bowen, MD

CT Cavernosography Technique
Andrew McCullough, MD - James Trussler, MD

New Bipolar Radiofrequency Sealing tool for Transdermal Vasectomy in the Rabbit Model: a Paradigm Shift in Vasectomy Technique? 
Ryan Griggs, DO - Gerard Henry, MD - Leroy Jones, MD

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