Preview of the Upcoming Sexual Medicine Society of North America 28thth Annual Scientific Program at the AUA Annual Meeting in Chicago

This year’s Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) 28th Annual Scientific Program at the AUA Annual Meeting in Chicago is once again filled with outstanding speakers and state-of-the-art lectures.  The SMSNA program this year will be held on Friday, April 28th, from 8am to 5pm.  This year’s program is filled with new innovations in the diagnosis and management of common conditions treated in sexual medicine, including erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease and orgasmic dysfunction.

The SMSNA program will have three state-of-the-art lectures. Dr. Alan Shindel will be discussing the novel concepts in treating delayed ejaculation and Dr. John Mulhall will be lecturing what the prostate cancer patient really needs to hear and do before and after surgery.   Finally, Dr. Daniel Watter  will be discussing pornography and sexual health.  The program this year will also feature a new session on novel therapeutics to treat conditions in sexual medicine

This year is the 50th anniversary of the advent of the inflatable penile prosthesis by Dr. Brantley Scott.  In celebration of this historic invention, we will be hosting a session on the history of the penile prosthesis as well as guest speakers who trained with Brantley Scott.

This year there will be a fascinating session on expanding sexual medicine providers in health care.  We will be discussing the use of social media in sexual medicine, how to identify new talent withing the field of sexual medicine and finally how to utilize advanced practice providers to optimize treatment outcomes. There will also be a session discussing the spectrum of normal regarding penile length, libido levels and orgasmic latency.

Surgical treatments for ED have always been of great interest to our members.  This year we will be hosting a session on how to avoid and handle surgical complications with the penile prosthesis.  We will be presenting 5 cases on complications with penile prosthesis surgery and how to effectively manage these complications.

I am confident this year’s program is going to be of great interest to specialists in all disciplines of sexual medicine whether you are a physician, mental health provider, allied health professional, scientific researcher, or other health care professional.  The SMSNA is proud to continue its efforts in promoting successful meetings that are engaging, scholarly, diverse and filled with camaraderie. I look forward to personally welcoming you at our meeting this year in April in Chicago.

Toby Kohler, MD, MPH
SMSNA President Elect
Professor of Urology
Mayo Clinic

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