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Direct-to-consumer healthcare companies, traditional pharmacies, or coupons?? What is the cheapest way to get erect… https://t.co/kh7j1mmNSP

Penile transplantation: Pushing the boundaries of sexual medicine. https://t.co/mZa7NNLwTz

May is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. Sexual dysfunction after cystectomy should be addressed. https://t.co/ZGGrTavHK2

Join us tomorrow at 8 PM EST for the surgical video session webinar: Penile Surgery Innovations, moderated by Rafa… https://t.co/dzy73nNLoB

Is Pudendal Neuromodulation Feasible and Effective After Pudendal Nerve Entrapment Surgery? https://t.co/Ihwvm9RXm7

Register now for the upcoming webinar with Surgical Videos. For full program and to register for FREE:… https://t.co/mrHqm2u6Tp

What are complications with transmasculine penile prosthesis surgery over time and across surgical conditions? https://t.co/oDThJru637

It's not too late! The 2nd #SMSNA #APP webinar takes place tomorrow! Don't wait - register now to access these limi… https://t.co/yCDUOyj8TU

https://t.co/Bhkay8oqV4 # total of 167 men underwent prostate angioembolization and findings suggest that prostate… https://t.co/VMxdS5r44l

Don't wait till the last minute to submit your abstract for the #ISSM and #SMSNA Scientific Meeting! Applications a… https://t.co/0DXq8PjAbM

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Should government health insurance (Medicare/Medicaid) pay for gender-affirming care and surgery?

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