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Don't miss out on our upcoming webinar on women in prosethic urology! This webinar is perfect for practitioners, re… https://t.co/hGxhIjVl3D

Does circumcision change erogenous zones in men? Find out: https://t.co/vBpGnb4YPJ https://t.co/ieZt1wGo5z

New study seeks to characterize the standard perioperative practices of penile prosthetic surgeons:… https://t.co/pFQVtIEFAW

🔍 Unlock Expertise on Erectile Dysfunction! Join the SMSNA APP Essentials Course and broaden your knowledge on this… https://t.co/lSmfCj7emp

Calling all SMSNA members! A new survey has been posted on the SMSNA website. This survey is looking at use of rege… https://t.co/n2ORyaWrXT

Does knowing pre-operative penile length influence patient satisfaction post penile prosthesis implantation? Read m… https://t.co/RB3yGyn6ya

A recent study aims to examine the biopsychosocial aspects and impact of LS on the sexual health of Danish women wi… https://t.co/NqZHb2t5Nc

Do men with CP/CPPS have changes in neural drive that impair their ability to relax pelvic floor muscles? Check out… https://t.co/1VqcZDnpsk

APPs play an important role in urology, particularly in the sphere of men’s sexual health. One common urological co… https://t.co/GfkFp9UVBV

A new study looks to determine the outcomes of inflatable penile prosthesis following radical cystectomy:… https://t.co/Whg6URfLnW

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Should government health insurance (Medicare/Medicaid) pay for gender-affirming care and surgery?

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