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There are several ways to donate to the #SMSNA Foundation - here's how you can help support our mission: https://t.co/4thnTHjjqS

Investigation of Suicidality and Psychological Adverse Events in Patients Treated With Finasteride https://t.co/NflOWpZ3Dy

Bisexual men more prone to eating disorders than gay or straight men, study finds https://t.co/Bd2peJLMFn

In this study, people who had sexual activity w/ partners during COVID19 lockdown showed that sexual activity playe… https://t.co/2BYf67RNHs

Did you know the SMSNA Foundation has a new Board? Meet them here: https://t.co/VW83W1C01U

Recent study looks at the association between insomia and #orgasm concerns in #prostatecancer patients, the implica… https://t.co/DOK0D9F6tx

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Associated With Polycythemia in Hypogonadal Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. https://t.co/4mNeUA1zBI

A review looks at the biopsychosocial barriers to sexual recovery of women with urologic cancers, recommending a mu… https://t.co/HsaRbg82qN

Is your #SexualMedicine fellowship eligible for our SMSNA Fellowship Program? Find out now: https://t.co/uFwBZJUJXu

The actual prevalence of males’ sexual attraction toward adult males, may actually be higher when using implicit me… https://t.co/uOi7fU8pzy

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