SMSNA Scholars in Sexuality Research Grants Program

Applications for this grant are now closed.

The maximum award amounts are:

  • $5,000 for Undergraduate/Medical/Graduate School Students

  • $7,500 for Resident or Post-Doctoral/Fellows

The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) “Scholars in Sexuality Research Grants Program” supports junior investigators conducting research into human sexuality and sexual wellness. It is the intent of this program to attract junior clinicians and researchers to the field of sexual medicine and to support their early studies.

  • Applications will be accepted from graduate or medical students, residents in graduate medical education training programs, and post-doctoral/post-residency fellows.
  • Applications will be accepted from researchers representing diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to: urology, psychology, psychiatry, gynecology, internal medicine, geriatrics, public health, physiology, genetics, molecular biology, social work, law, etc.
  • Research projects must be carried out within the United States or Canada to qualify for funding.
  • Applicant’s mentor must be an SMSNA member.
  • All funded applicants will receive membership in the SMSNA at no charge for 2 years.

For questions or information about this grants program, please contact the SMSNA Executive Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Past Recipients

Ramzy Burns
The Other Half: Evaluating the Impact of Female Sexual Dysfunction Screening and Evaluation on Partners of Men with Inflation Penile Prostheses

Lauren Burton
Investigating Cannabinoid Receptors in Clitoral and Peri-clitoral Tissues for Targeted Therapy in Clitorodynia, Female Sexual Dysfunction, and Pelvic Pain

Wongsakorn Kiattiburut
Development of a Refined Two-dimensional and a Novel Three-dimension Cellular Models for Peyronie’s Disease

Bernardita Ljubetic
Quantifying quorum-sensing molecules from explanted inflatable penile prosthesis bacteria isolates

Savannah Quach
Gender euphoria through art journaling: A qualitative study of the transgender and gender diverse perspective

Bradley Roth
Comparing sexual function outcomes following minimally invasive surgical therapies (MIST) for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Nicole Wright
The Impact of Modern Sexual Media on the Sexual Health of Young Women

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