The SMSNA supports the collection of data by vetting and approving survey instruments on a variety of topics related to sexual medicine. Surveys are vetted by the Educational Projects Committee, which uses the criteria established by the Journal of Sexual Medicine for evaluating the content and the instrument itself.

Active Surveys

Job Satisfaction and Wellness Amongst Urologists Who Specialize in Sexual Medicine

In the current climate where physician burnout is rampant, we want to understand what aspects of a sexual medicine specialist's practice are associated with greater wellness and job satisfaction. The survey includes questions regarding clinician demographics, areas of specialization, and satisfaction associated with specific aspects of a clinicians practice. The survey also includes a validated questionnaire to evaluate physician wellness. This same survey has been used to evaluate these outcomes in other specialties.

The SMSNA is the premiere society for physicians and other medical providers who specialize in sexual health and sexual dysfunction. In addition to promoting The SMSNA is interested in promoting and supporting the highest standards of practice, research, education, and ethics. Enthusiasm and engagement in the society requires a happy and healthy member cohort, and our study will help to identify opportunities to further enhance overall well-being for our members and the more global sexual health community as a whole. The end date of this survey is July 31, 2022. 

SMSNA Survey Dissemination

The option to disseminate a survey is a benefit of SMSNA membership. If you are a member of SMSNA, below are the guidelines for initiating a request and the process by which a survey is vetted and approved. This process is meant to facilitate fair and objective handling of all requests. Please allow up to 2-weeks for consideration.

If you are a nonprofit or an industry representative and want to disseminate a survey, please contact the SMSNA Executive Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Process: Any survey proposed for dissemination to the SMSNA membership, including those surveys developed by Committees on behalf of the SMSNA, will requires the following:

  • Submission of a request (see link to the request form below)
  • Review and approval decision by the Educational Projects Committee
  • If the committee suggests revisions, these will need to be addressed prior to dissemination
  • If survey dissemination time frame exceeds 3-months, full Board approval is required
  • Acknowledgement that the results of a survey may not be recognized as a response on behalf of the Association on any specific topic


  • Active surveys will be listed on a dedicated webpage on including the survey title, description,  target population to take the survey, and collection dates.
  • Each approved survey will be promoted via SMSNA emailings and on social media (two times each) with a link to the survey webpage on Surveys will not be distributed via any dedicated email. 


  • There is no cost for SMSNA members. 

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