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SMSNA Webinar Series: Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Nicolas Ortiz, MD, FACS
Nicolas Ortiz, MD, FACSModerator
Assistant Professor of Urology at University of Virginia
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Nedda Dastmalchi, DO, MA
Nedda Dastmalchi, DO, MAModerator
Cardiology Fellow at Temple University Hospital
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Michael Blaha, MD, MPH
Michael Blaha, MD, MPHPresenter
Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins
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Arthur L. Burnett, II, MD, MBA, FACS
Arthur L. Burnett, II, MD, MBA, FACSPresenter
Professor of Urology at Johns Hopkins University
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Tobias Kohler, MD, MPH
Tobias Kohler, MD, MPHPresenter
Professor of Urology at Mayo Clinic
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