First-Ever Spanish Language Session at SMSNA Annual Meeting

First-Ever Spanish Language Session at SMSNA Annual Meeting

The 24th Annual SMSNA Fall Scientific Meeting marked a significant milestone with the inaugural Spanish Language Session, a collaborative effort with our partner SLAMS (Sociedad Latinoamericana de Medicina Sexual). This session featured case-based panel discussions covering a range of topics presented by urologists fluent in Spanish.

The discussions delved into the management of penile prosthesis complications, exploring the intricacies of addressing challenges in this area. Male cosmetic surgery and the associated challenges were also on the agenda, providing valuable insights for practitioners navigating this evolving field. Peyronie's disease and testosterone therapy were also addressed during the session, offering a comprehensive exploration of key issues in urology.

The Spanish Language Session created a dynamic platform for Spanish-speaking urologists to share information and exchange clinical pearls. This collaborative initiative not only facilitated the dissemination of knowledge but also fostered a sense of community among practitioners in the Spanish-speaking urology community. The success of this inaugural session underscores the importance of continued efforts to provide diverse educational opportunities in the field of urology.

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