The function of the Nominating Committee is to recommend a slate of officers for each open office and committee position.
The slate will be approved by the Board of Directors and presented to the SMSNA Membership for election at the annual business meeting of the Society.

Committee Chair

Serge Carrier, MD, FRCS(C), MMgmt (President 2020-2022)
Serge Carrier, MD, FRCS(C), MMgmt (President 2020-2022)Montreal, QC Canada

Committee Members

Lawrence Hakim, MD, FACS - Weston, FL USA (President 2014-2016)
Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, MD, FACS - Hackensack, NJ USA (President 2018-2020)
Landon Trost, MD - Orem, UT USA (Secretary)
Run Wang, MD, FACS - Houston, TX USA (President 2016-2018)

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