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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects men all around the world, yet many men feel embarrassed or reluctant to talk about it. All too often, they suffer in silence for years without getting the treatment that could greatly improve their self-confidence, sexual well-being, and overall quality of life.

Even once they begin the process of seeking treatment, many men spend several years (6.2 years on average) trying conservative treatments that either do not work well for them or work well for a while but then stop working. Unfortunately, some men give up after trying and failing one to two treatments, even while another safe and extremely effective treatment option is left on the table: the inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP).

The five-part Boston Scientific HARD documentary series is an empowering educational tool for anyone who is struggling with ED and looking for answers. The series follows urologist Dr. Samantha Nealon across the country as she interviews prosthetic urologists and their patients about their battle with ED.

With inspiring candor, the patients share stories of feeling alone in their journeys, growing distant from their partners, and isolating themselves so as not to endure the shame of having to talk about their erectile difficulties with anyone. These stories provide an in-depth look at the real physical and emotional impact of the often frustrating and confusing journey to find a cure for ED.

However, many organizations, societies, and companies are committed to making it easier for men who are suffering from ED to find a solution, which is one of the primary objectives of the HARD video series. This video series showcases multiple real-life examples of how an IPP can effectively treat ED and consequently lead to other positive effects in a man’s life.

The patients in the videos (and when applicable, their partners) speak animatedly about changes in their sexual health as well as in their emotional/mental health. By regaining their erectile function with a discreet and natural-feeling implant, the men express a sense of also regaining their manhood and identity, confidence in their sexuality, and the ability to maintain a sexual connection with their partners.

This video series is extremely helpful for any health care provider who would like to share information on ED and IPP with patients, normalize talking about the condition, and empower individuals to make decisions that make sense for them and support their sexual and emotional health.

Watch the HARD series now for more information.


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